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 KANKALA CO.LTD., is  established in the year 1982 in Tehran, Iran, as a trading company working at the beginning mainly with mining industries, in order to import their requested machineries, cranes, mining devices, equipment and other items. This company followed it ‘s activities with Imports and exports of various other items, i.e., steel belts for various usages, like bakery industry, wood industry, petrochemical industry, , Lab Equipment, items in sugar industries and piping systems, as well as Tire and Petrochemical industries.

KANKALA CO.LTD., has started its imports in Wood and Paper industry sector since the year 2002. This supplement in Wood and Paper industries contains imports of steel belts, short cycle and multi stage  melamine presses, CPL and HPL presses, direct printing lines , as well as digital printing lines, press equipment, press plates, press pads, insulation sheets, Impregnation lines, equipment for impregnation lines, additives for paper impregnation, cleaning items for the press plates, etc…